We are countless moments away from the 2000 Flying Mantra Tub and Pot Convention! Ready your container entries for competition and finish those stance papers and theoretical abstracts for presentation. Please email us if you have any suggestions for additions to the agenda. Location and date will be announced shortly.

Preliminary agenda items (in no particular order)

Keynote speech - John Schnitzerfellow

Container Competition - Amateur

Container Competition - Pro

Tub and Pot Music Seminar/open jam

Tour of beer drinking implements

Drinking of the beer

Business meeting

New bylaws?

Y2K+1 readiness report

reports from other various committees

Burningtub - ceremonial bonfire and tub burning

State of the Club address - Daniel Dreifort

Hurried statement from "design the banner" contest winner

North Carolina office update - Peter Schwartz

Closing hug