We are looking for the perfect tub to use to put drinks on ice. Ideally it would have a liner along with a plug & hose for draning the water out = when the ice melts.(The liner is to prevent condinsation from creating a puddle on the counter. I could send you a drawing if that would help. I have search all over the internet for something close to what we are looking for. If you can be of any help or send me in another direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so very much,

Angela Beard

Ms Beard,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. This hurricane has us going absolutely nutty! I pray that it is not too late to help you find the perfect tub.

First, I must know... Is your surname pronounced like the facial hair feature - or more like a misspelling of the past tense of "bare" - as in "he bared his chest to the ferocious beast much like an injured alien ship would land in a cornfield to make hasty repairs." ?? It is odd to carry on even the most informal of correspondence without such trumpery. Don't you think?

As for your tub needs, a drawing is not necessary - I think I know what you have in mind. This diagram is the one we have on file for such purposes. (Edgar is our former mascot.) We do not have such a device in stock. There are several avenues open to you though. Drink coolers and plastic containers aren't what they used to be. These days you are able to choose from a myriad of styles, materials, sizes and colors. Modern engineering and insulation techniques have also caused liners to become more of an aesthetic afterthought. My suggestions, in absolutely no particular order, are as follows...

Perhaps you need a commercial ice/beer/beverage merchandiser - with drain, on casters, highly insulated, various shapes and sizes. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/bowery/glasdoordisc.html They also have a self-contained mobile taco cart available on the same page!

The Sport Roller is quite a dandy device. http://www.broco.com/MjjU/7236.html It even has a child safety latch!

If you know any soft-core hedonists, you might try this approach - Hot Tubs have drains such as the container for which you search. Their inherent insulation would also prevent condensation, thus throwing the need for a liner of sorts to the wayside. They are also large enough to hold hundreds of drinks. We recommend http://www.mcalarney.com

Our favorite traditional oblong galvanized cooler can be found here- http://freelandind.com/beverage.htm Features a crush-proof rim. Simple but functional.

Though I believe that the Hogshead Beverage Barrel (http://www.cobritt.com/barrel.htm) is intended for use with kegs, it is rustically pleasing to the eye and features all the bells and whistles you could hope for.

After you purchase the perfect beverage tub, take care of it! Neglect is far too easy of a path to walk. This page displays information on the care and use of coolers and jugs http://www.thermos.com/care/coolers.htm

If the Tub and Pot Club's efforts didn't hit the mark this time, please write us again with more specifics. Our pals over at Liquid Logic specialize in Beverage Dispensing and Cooling Equipment. http://www.liquidlogic.co.za/ I'm sure they too would be glad to help you.

Best of luck in your search. Our last multiple beverage container (obtained in exchange for a double-boiler and 2 spatulas) was rendered useless at our last T&P Convention when an unusually large Tub and Pot and BEER enthusiast (who shall remain nameless) mistook it for a rag doll... at least that's what it looked like as he threw it against a brick wall repeatedly. Needless to say, we would be glad to barter for your container once your ends are served by it.

Good luck, and God speed,

Tub and Pot Club


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