will you be posting a listing of your available pots, tubs and/or lids anytime soon?
I have a rather extensive selection of plastic lids that are always handy (hell, they're great when you can't find the Frisbee).

As far as beer and wine go, which do recommend? Tubs, pots or lids?

Keep me posted.



Good question. Because of the continuous flow of goods through Tub and Pot Club headquarters, it's hard to keep an accurate database of our fine wares. I suppose we could switch to a barcode tracking system, but that is cost-prohibitive for the time being. There are a few gems that have been lingering around our offices for several months now though. If current tub and pot trends continue, it's fairly safe to say that if I were to list them now, our list of unpopular goods should remain static for some time to come. So here goes.

Partial list of FM T&P Club holdings

I'd say that those are some artifacts that've been residing in our HQ the longest. I'm curious to examine your lid collection. My personal collected works include several plastic yogurt containers lacking lids. We could also use a few more 5-gallon pail lids.

We recommend carafes for wine; steins for beer. Please to respond soon?


If you're interested, I currently have two five-gallon barrels left by earlier tenants of my house. Unfortunately, they were hillbillies and left them full of old, nasty motor oil. You could probably dump it in a nearby river or have one hell of a pyrotechnics display at your next show. If you want em, I can give you directions or we can meet somewhere cool like FrogNet maybe.

I like the fact you have corning ware - I broke one of our pots and miss them dearly. Nothing like watching creamed corn boil through amber-colored glasses....


Well, actually Fred, far be it from me to say I'm not interested in a tub or pot-like device, but truly, we've enough five-gallon buckets. However, if your "five-gallon barrels" are barrels indeed, (large, cylindrical containers, usually made of staves bound together with hoops, with a flat top and bottom of equal diameter,) then we might be able to talk business! We have no barrels at Tub and Pot Club Headquarters...

Corningware is neat, but there are a few inherent flaws... they stay to hot after removed from a heat source, are breakable, and orange. That's why we're trying to unload them.

Let me know about the barrels,



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