I'm looking for large oval beverage or wash tubs. They don't have to be old. They can be galvanized, approx. 27 x 14h x 16 deep. Very OVAL, not oblong. I paint them and use them in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Help. thanks.


Isn't an oval oblong by nature?

Well, unless you look at it the "other" way, then it's somewhat stunted, or perhaps obshort… not that that's a word or anything…

We at the Tub and Pot Club recommend Gray and Holt for large oval tubs.
They sell tubs in all shapes and sizes. They'll even give you 5% off orders of $50 or more, and larger discounts on big shipments; just ask for David and mention "the tubandpotclub.com discount."

For what on earth do you use beverage tubs in the bathroom?





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