I'm inquiring about your tubs and pots. I have several of my own, but may be interested in a trade. I have an old metal washtub in my yard that i use for bathing the dog, but he says he would rather trade it for a nice pot to replace his old beat-up food dish. As for pots, I could have used one a couple of months ago (to piss in) as i was down and out. Luckily, i was recently given a nice set of copper-bottom pots and pans -they distribute heat evenly, and look lovely too. Also I was just wondering, do you prefer non- stick to stainless steel, of would you rather have a kind old set of cast iron?


Dear Ms. blugrasgrl

Thanks for your interest in our tub and pot services. RIGHT NOW we have a few gems waiting for you! This week's featured pot is actually a 45 year old castiron frying pan of questionable origin. Currently the pan is rusting on our porch. We have no lid for this pot. It is in need of a good hot oil treatment as it is oxidizing as we speak. We would trade for two nice lids, or a galvanized steel drum of some sort. Your washtub might be acceptable

This weeks featured tub is actually more of a bucket. We used it to mop our floors until we recognized a large degree of futility in this. We have a very small house and find that using a toothbrush actually saves time and hassle. There is a dull ring in the interior a third of the way down. We were thinking of trading this for a used set of plastic mugs, or pehaps a nicer bucket, with less character.

Hmmmm... non-stick vs. stainless steel... the age-old question. Our research team devised a poignant solution. Use non-stick pans for no longer than 6 months. After that the yucky coating starts to peel, and you'll get that Xtra flavor in your dish. If you're not lucky enough to be in a situation where you can purchase new revere ware twice a year, then we recommend the stainless steel/ steel-wool combo. That and a little elbow grease'll do you right.

Let us know...



Well, since I first responded, the dog has renigged on the washtub deal. It seems, flea season is right around the corner and although he hates a bath, the thought of chewing his ass all summer, and getting bitched at for it doesn't do anything for him. besides, what is a dog going to do with a rusty frying pan. The bucket, on the other hand, sounds charming. what color is it, I'm thinking of using it in the garden, and need to know if it is going to clash with my tractor-tire flower beds. let me know.

-blugrasgrl... -Jen


We're sorry to hear about the fleas. Alas, you are probably correct that our castiron pan would not help your insect problem. Nonetheless, best wishes to your dog's ass.

I'm smitten to hear that our premier bucket excites you! It is a fine burnt sienna, poly-eurethane, multi-purpose pot/tub-like device. You must have a VERY keen sixth sense for fine tubs and pots. The bucket in question comes with an exquisite metal handle, complete with non-ergomatically designed, schlocky plastic pseudo-grip. There is no extra charge for the carrying implement. We have no lid for this bucket. Please let us know if this suits your tractor-garden needs.

Yours in service,




How perfect!! My tractor tire is also painted a burnt sienna, though, we just say "brick colored" round here.What type of delivery service do you use? I have a friend hitching up from florida in about a week, if you could leave it on the side of I-95, I could tell him to look for it on his way through. I guess we need to pick an exit #, unless you have a better idea. Let me know.



It looks like we're close to a done deal here. However we must now breach the subject of barter. We are in dire need of either a strainer, plastic mug set, or perhaps another bucket. We could also use a few lids.

Conveniently, we usually use the US Interstate system ands its frequent exits for exchange of goods. Once the finer nuances of our mutually beneficial deal are worked out we should agree on a location. I-77 is more convenient for us, but we have been known to work out on County Road 25 as well.

Please share your available product info with us as soon as possible as we are anxious to serve your tub and pot needs.


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