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Subject: Wash Tubs

We are looking for a galv or copper wash tub (square) like we used to use with the old ringer washers. We want to put this in our util room, plumb it in permantly. Hope you might have some leads.



What do you plan to do with this tub? We've found two candidates, but both are still part of functional washing machines.

This washing machine's tub is 23 inches square. The wringer has a broken, but fixable bracket. The current owner, is trying to sell it.

If you're not set on a square tub, and are likewise don't mind agitators, this beautiful 1912 "Easy Washing Machine" has an attractive nickel-lined copper tub. It has small med and large load settings ( 3 different positions on agitator shaft .) The wringer operates. We do not know if there is a lid for this tub. The washer still operates and runs on 110 volts. If restored the copper will rub out to high gloss. The current owner, has expressed interest in selling it.

Jump on these quickly as they will no doubt be in high demand.
Let them know that sent you.

Good luck, and send us pictures,


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 07:32:58 -0500
Subject: Washing machine

Thanks for the lead


You're welcome.


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