Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 00:41:52 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, I would love to find a large galvanized tub to ice cokes in for our daughter wedding reception. I would like something a little fancier than what the farm supply sells..... preferably with some copper trim...... or all copper.

Sandra Shivers


An all copper tub is a rarity... a gem if you will. We do not have access to such containers as I am sure they are *very* expensive. The copper trim is more in the realm of tub-reality. What are the dates we're dealing with here? Do you need one? Or a hundred? Rent? or Purchase? Have you considered artisan decorated porcelain bathtubs for these beverages? Please let me know.

Yours in service,

Thanks for the reply. We are considering one tub...... I just wanted something besides the usual galvanized tub... A little trim would be different... OUr director wanted to use one..... and put a sheet or large fabric inside the tub and let if flow over the sides... But I felt like ( and the lady doing the reception )....... that would take away from the effects of the tub.

I would like to purchase one........ however we are in Mississippi. The wedding is June 19th. I didn't think about searching the net for a tub until.... this weekend. Sorry for the short notice. Now that you mentioned it 2 might be nice........... because there will be close to 200 persons....... trying to get drinks while we make a few pictures of the bride and groom. This is just a little way to keep everyone from leaving and HAVING A HEAT STROKE ! ! ! OUT SIDE AT WHILE WAITINIG. There is a nice shady spot near the church..... But shade at 2:00 p.m along with the humidity is unreal sometimes.

If you do not mind I may enlclose a picture of how the table will look........ I found this in a resent inition of Southern Living Magazine...... This may give you an idea.... or let you see if you something to go with it.....

Thanks...... again,

Sandra Shivers




Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. The cicadas are making everything a bit more difficult this year. I have several points of inquiry, contention and guidance for you. I'll address them individually…

Are you sure two tubs will be enough? If you are having even close to 200 guests, you might want to consider several containers or one large trough-like implement.

Though tubs generally don't have lids, the extreme heat might warrant a covering of some sort.

I have contacted all members of the Tub and Pot Club regarding my search for a copper-trimmed galvanized tub - to no avail. One supplier had access to a rather large cast-iron copper lined tub-like container. However, the shipping costs would be truly outrageous. Another individual with some smithing experience expressed that it would not be too difficult to apply such a trim to a regular galvanized tub. Once again though, transport would be unduly costly. (Copper is heavy.) Perhaps there is a smithy in your area who could perform such an enhancement? The Mississippi Craftsman's Guild would be able to point you in the right direction. (601-856-7546

I fully agree that a cloth or linen liner is wholly inappropriate considering the fact that said tub will be holding iced beverages. Any fabric would wick moisture from the melted ice and create quite a mess! If all else fails, you could try some copper-colored spraypaint.

If you're feeling plucky, here are links to two different copper plating methods. Supplies can be purchased through your local garden/feed and/or electronics store - or even online. The argument over which of the following procedures is superior rages on.
Remember to wear your safety goggles.

The table setting looks fabulous! I have every confidence you'll work something out with the refreshments. I only wish we could assist you more.

Good luck in your tub and pot endeavors,

Flying Mantra Tub & Pot Division

(The following is some additional pertinent advice from another tub and pot enthusiast. We regret that Ms. Shivers has yet to respond...)

I was looking on the net for a large person sized bath tub of galvanized steel.
My Grandpa used to have a bathtub with a fire underneath for hot soaks.

The lady who has a wedding should look into just painting a couple of tubs with the new metalic copper
paint on the market. I saw some at sears. Since the bottles will not need to be in contact with the paint.

Ken M.


Thanks for the tip on the new metallic copper paint. I fear that Ms. Shivers' wedding has passed, as we have not heard from her since this past May. I forwarded your suggestion along just in case.

It's been years since we've seen a large galvanized tub such as the one you mention. The days of hot soaks are sadly behind us. My grandfather used such a tub as well until it deteriorated to the point that is was no longer useful. When he died a few years ago, he still had a few scars from the sharp edges…

Our wholesalers do not stock galvanized bathtubs, as there is apparently low demand for these items nowadays - though our local feed store stocks slightly smaller and less shapely models for livestock baths.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance,

Flying Mantra Tub and Pot Club


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