Dear Tube and Pipe Club,

I represent, the premier online forum for container related information. I really like what you've done within the bounds of the tube and pipe realm. Though the layman might scoff at a site dedicated to tubes and pipes, or tubs and pots for that matter, I'm aware of obvious necessity for your site, because it, much like unites an otherwise divided world of enthusiasts and professionals.



Hello Dan,

Thanks for your guestbook comments on TubeNet. True what you say that there are not too much connection between tubes and Tub&Pots. Anyhow, dedicated site like yours and mine will get it's audience and is always better than those hundreds of general sites where you only will get lost.


Juha Haapala


I guess the language barrier is a little awkward at times. I was trying to get accross the point that really, tubes and pipes and tubs and pots are not all that different. They're all made out of metals and clays and... other stuff. And... um... quite often, tubes are used to deliver goods to tubs - and vice versa. Gosh, I've never thought about it quite like that before.




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