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Dear Flying Mantra Tub n Pot Club

Keep up the great work guys! It's so refreshing to see a pertinent page dedicated to real life situations!

My question concerns neither pots nor pans but I was hoping that maybe you could help me out. You seem to know a lot about stuff.

Anyway, why is it that I'm not experiencing raging orgasms every time I apply Clairol Herbal Essences products? My inquiries to Clairol Inc. have gone unanswered (I rather suspect a conspiracy) and I'm starting to get frustrated. Even when I wash my hair 6 or 7 times a day my little rose bud just doesn't smell the roses. I've been following the directions exactly. What's the problem?

Do you take old kitty litter sand boxes? I realize it's not a pot or a pan, but, hey, you can still put stuff in it.

Thanks for your help,


Thanks for your support. I'll try not to balk on your question, but please try tp understand that this is a little out of our league.

Perhaps you, like Mr John Shnitzerfellow, a previous Flying Mantra Tub and Pot Club participant, have a vision problem? This is just an outlandish stab in the dark here, so forgive me if I am mistaken. As I read it, the description of Clairol Herbal Essences products makes no claims of providing earth shattering orgasms.

In Clairol's own words, Herbal Escences products,
"bring out hair's natural radiance with unique blends of organic herbs and botanicals in pure mountain spring water. Each gentle formula leaves hair clean, shiny and wonderfully refreshed."
I think the above pertains to shampoos only.

Their conditioner line consists of, "four exclusive conditioners [that] smooth, soften and silken hair with unique blends or organic herbs and botanicals in pure mountain spring water. Easy rinse formulas leave hair air-light, tangle-free and ready to style."

As for your conspiracy theory, I think you may be onto something. Please check out this site to verify your suspicion. If you have any other concerns about Clairol's Herbal Escences products, please use this link for further inquiries.

You are correct that a used kitty litter container is neither pot nor pan. Such devices are however encompassed in the realm of tubs. We are after all the Tub and Pot Club, not the Pot and Pan club as you incorrectly surmised. We currently have no tubs specifically engineered for kitty litter containment. Perhaps you can help us fill this void? What color is it? Does it have a lid? Are there any distinguishing marks?

Please let us know, and thanks for your time,

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