Some of you have expressed interest in the inner workings of the Tub and Pot Club. Below is part of a recent correspondence between club co-founders Dan and Pete. It aptly displays a few of the larger issues we deal with here at Tub and Pot Central. Notice the strife, self-doubting, and personal carnage - typical of many container enthusiasts... we join our founders as they are discussing additions to the T&P webpage…

also, please write an essay for the "baking" section of the site

I don't have internet access.

yes you do!
you're writing me!
just type something up in text or a word processor, then cut and paste it in an email! very easy! or even give it to me in installments! gee whiz!
- d

Jerkoff!!! No tengo accesso de Internet. ok I'll write a section on baking. Now what areas of baking have already been covered. Is this baking essay to tie in with tubs in pots or should I assume a more ingredient oriented manuscript. Answers Daniel. I need answers. The last thing I baked was a bagel and only because it wouldn't fit in My toaster. Am I to assume that this constitutes as baking or should I take a more creative approach. Perhaps you would like me to Discuss the ramifications of baking oneself. Although I also find that I Usually only bake when there is only a small toaster at my disposal.


p.s. What about frying?

damnit Pedro. you're on to something here. I'm thinking that you've been in the highfalutin world of corndog on a stick so long that you may have forgotten about containers? I hope not. you had some good skills back in the day. Ultimately, you have final say as to what you'd like to write. I'm asking for something to put under the button that has a picture of a couple of baking pans. I think the pot section is only partially done. (we've already got lids, tubs, pans, junk, help, etc...) there is always room for a tub and pot related essay of any sort. or you can scan through the annals of your brain and try to give a report from the last tub and pot convention? I am planning the 1999 convention as we speak. I hope you plan to attend. your entry last year won a few awards if I remember correctly? we're looking at July or August. Tubs generally don't have lids.

Ø Dan

Scruples? Well, my awards speak for themselves. I don't wish to Speak of merit..... do I say this?........well....I've moved on. I know I can't explain this to you very well, but tubs and pots hold tainted memory. Every time I reminisce, my mind's eye poops-out unspeakable things. What I'm trying to say, is that I could briefly discuss baking perimeters, but the relationships they hold with devices of volume (tubs and pots) can not be mentioned. I don't expect you to understand. Perhaps you could bridge this chasm.


p.s. did we really have a fucking tub and pot party or is that just some fucked-up memory!?

gee whiz! I'm open to your genius Pete. Your words always moved me... at least a little bit. I'm not asking anything crazy here. Baking implements (like baking pans, muffin tins, pizza sheets, etc) are all in the familiar containment realm. Is there something else on your mind? You know you can always talk to me PotBrother. You can do it!

Tubfully yours,


I like muffin tins !!! :>


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