The backbones of the container realm

What's in a tub?


Tubs can be found in many shapes and sizes, though they are usually oval and large.  Some smaller tubs are easily confused with buckets or pails, so beware.  The most popular tub is probably the bathtub.  People use these on a semi-regular basis to shower, soak, fornicate, and ocasionally for ornamental purposes.  Our tub services however do not focus on bathtubs as they are quite large, and it is hard to stock a large selection.  Our most popular tub is the galvanized metal tub, the bastard cousin to the famous bathtub.  Years ago the galvanized tub was used for bathing.  These days you might see a dog or other furry animal under the scrub-brush in such a tub, but not frequently.  Tubs generally don't have lids. Tubs pop up frequently in our correspondence section.

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